OMSA presents lifetime achievement award to Bob Alario

(NEW ORLEANS) — The Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA) has announced the institution of the Robert J. Alario Distinguished Achievement Award, named after former OMSA Chairman and President Robert “Bob” Alario, who received the inaugural award in a private ceremony organized by OMSA last month in New Orleans.

“Bob is one of the most dedicated advocates this industry has ever known. I consider myself lucky to have been able to witness him in action,” said Minor “Tony” Cheramie III, vice president of L&M BoTruc Rental LLC and chairman of the OMSA board of directors.

“I was so wonderfully blessed to have the privilege to come into the business at a time when so many of the true pioneers in the industry were still active," said Alario, former OMSA chairman and president, during his short acceptance speech. "A fascinating group of marine entrepreneurs, many without any or much formal education or technical background, but possessed of an innate talent and an ability to innovate and think out of the box that would allow them to build significant companies that would literally revolutionize the offshore oil and gas industry.”

“OMSA is everything it is today because of Bob Alario,” said OMSA President Aaron Smith. “His vision, his commitment, and his decades of hard work contributed immeasurably to industry and organization.”

Alario served OMSA as president for 16 years between 1988 and 2004, and also served a six-year term as chairman of the OMSA board of directors. He is currently the managing member of Alario & Associates, a highly specialized marine management consulting firm. Prior to that he served as vice president and director of Nolty J. Theriot Inc., a worldwide offshore marine and towing contractor.

“Bob is a legend among great leaders in our industry and it was a privilege to celebrate his accomplishments alongside his many friends,” said Court Ramsay, president and CEO of the Aries Marine Corp. and immediate past OMSA chairman.

Before launching his career in the U.S. maritime industry, Alario earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University (LSU) Law School. While at LSU Law School, he accepted a study fellowship to Georgetown University's Graduate School of Foreign Service. Upon receiving his master’s degree in foreign service in 1963, he accepted a position with Texaco Inc. and served in international management positions in Senegal, Guinea, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. Upon his return to the United States, Alario enrolled at Tulane University, and resumed post-graduate studies in finance and management.

The Robert J. Alario Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes individuals who, through their lifetime of deeds and accomplishments, are champions of the U.S. maritime industry. Beginning next year, OMSA will be annually presenting the Robert J. Alario Distinguished Achievement Award to an individual nominated by the OMSA membership. The nomination process will open at OMSA’s Fall Conference, and the award will be presented at OMSA’s Spring Conference the following year.

By Professional Mariner Staff