NMEA convenes a working group to develop NMEA 2000 messages for distributed power

(SEVERNA PARK, MD – November 26, 2007) The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has created NMEA 2000 messages for the emerging technology of networked distributed power at a meeting held in Amsterdam, Netherlands during the METS exhibition.

NMEA, which establishes technical standards for data exchange in marine electronics, had been receiving inquiries from the marketplace for additional messages directly related to distributed power, an emerging technology. NMEA 2000, the “Open Marine Industry Network Standard,” has developed more messages in order to accommodate the current and future requirements of the marketplace.

The meeting’s objectives were to define and discuss the scope of work as well as to introduce the formal NMEA 2000 message development process to this working group, which comprises many companies. Steve Spitzer, Technical Director of NMEA and a meeting conductor said, “The goal of this and all NMEA 2000 working groups is to listen very closely to the market requirements for the development of new messages.  NMEA 2000 messages are clearly defined and created by industry collaboration and by companies who have the commitment to a standardized open network communication protocol.”
NMEA openly invites other companies that are invested in distributed power systems and want to contribute to the development of standardized messages. Participating companies should have a working knowledge of NMEA 2000.
The NMEA 2000 Network, the international standard for communication on vessels, provides benefits to boat builders and the trade including increased profitability and flexibility of installations as well as offers their customers a broad selection of marine electronics products.
By Professional Mariner Staff