New Raritan Waste Management System Eliminates Worry

    Boaters can now rest assured that their onboard waste management system can be used anywhere they go.  Legal in all waters, Raritan’s new Hold n’ Treat System combines the ElectroScan, a U.S. Coast Guard-certified Type 1 marine sanitation device (MSD), with a Type III 15-gallon holding tank.  The innovative Hold n’ Treat System is the first and only of its kind for vessels under 65 ft.
    Combining overboard treatment and holding tank use, this versatile system stores waste when in sensitive or no-discharge areas.  When sewage can be discharged, the waste transfer pump moves waste from the holding tank to the Type 1 MSD, where it undergoes treatment before it is safely and legally discharged, ending time-consuming trips to the pump-out station.  A locking mode option prevents accidental discharge.
    This complete U.S. Coast Guard approved sanitation system satisfies discharge regulations for all U.S. waters and can be used on inspected or uninspected vessels.  Installation of the “drop in place,” 2-toilet sanitation system is simple and flexible.  Ready to use, the system is pre-wired and plumbed.  Users just connect the hoses from the toilet, vent and discharge.
    Environmentally friendly, the Hold n’ Treat System treats waste to a level of 10 coliform bacteria per 100ml of water, far exceeding current Type 1 standards.  This can be compared to the 200 coliform that is considered
safe for swimming water, as well as the 14 coliform allowed for water containing shellfish harvested for human consumption.  The degree of water purity achieved by this system often surpasses that of the water in which the boat is floating, posing no detrimental effect to the environment.   It also kills viruses without the use of harmful chemicals. 
    Extremely effective for its size, the Hold n’ Treat System measures just 26-1/4″ L x 18-1/2″ W x 18″ H and can process 140 gallons of waste per week.  Simple to clean and maintain, it’s available in both 12V and 24V DC.  Suitable for the needs of all boaters, this sanitation system can be used in salt, fresh or brackish water.  A separate salt feed pump is required to operate the system with fresh water toilets.
    This inventive sanitation system has three settings: automatic, no-discharge and manual.  They are displayed on an easy-to-operate LCD display screen.  The screen also informs the user of the status of the system. 
A tank level sensor and integrated control takes the worry out of boating, as it controls the system in the automatic mode.  The level sensor is a non-contract type pressure sensor that does not require calibration. 
In the automatic mode, waste is treated at a low level, reserving the majority of the tank capacity for use in the no-discharge mode. In no-discharge mode the system monitors tank level and a blinking red light and display alerts the user when the tank is full.
Raritan’s Hold n’ Treat System retails for $2,800.
    Contact Raritan, 530 Orange St., Millville, NJ 08332.  856-825-4900; Fax: 856-825-4409.;

By Professional Mariner Staff