New Maine tour boat equipped with Humphree stabilization system


(VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.) — Acadia Explorer, the new passenger boat just commissioned by Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. in Maine, is equipped with interceptors and Active Ride Control supplied by Humphree USA.

Acadia Explorer is a 98-foot catamaran that carries up to 149 passengers. The boat was designed by Incat Crowther and built by Gulf Craft in Franklin, La. It will be used as a passenger tender for visiting cruise ships and also for lighthouse and nature tours.

The new catamaran is equipped with two Humphree H800 and two Humphree H1250 electric-powered interceptors. The interceptor blades adjust automatically to create lift that counteracts roll and pitch motions. The Humphree Active Ride Control is a digital system that uses inputs from GPS, gyro and accelerometers to measure 3D rates of turn and acceleration. In addition to stabilizing for roll and pitch, Active Ride Control automatically optimizes the boat’s trim and list angles and adjusts the heeling angle during turns for better maneuverability and passenger comfort.

“Passenger comfort is a No. 1 priority for our new tour boat operating on the Maine coast, where strong winds and currents are often encountered,” said Matt Ketchen, vessel operations manager, port manager/port engineering, Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. “The Humphree interceptor system eliminates seasickness and discomfort, regardless of sea and wind conditions. The automatic tilt, list and turn control functions also improve performance and reduce fuel consumption.”

Passenger ferries and excursion boats are a growing market for Humphree’s stabilization products, according to Sean Berrie, CEO of Humphree USA. “We provide a field-proven, fully automatic solution to ensure passenger comfort and safety and also to optimize performance and achieve significant gains in fuel efficiency. Gulf Craft has specified our interceptors and Active Ride Control on many of its catamaran and monohull newbuilds, including the recently delivered catamaran ferry for Seastreak, running between New Jersey and New York City.”

By Professional Mariner Staff