New hull coating from Xiom reduces costs of maintenance and fuel

Top, the front side of panels not treated with Xiom’s marine vessel hull protection (mvhp) product are caked with marine organisms. Bottom, treated panels are buildup-free.

(WEST BABYLON, NY –October 24, 2007) Xiom Corporation, manufacturers of portable polymer spray equipment and coatings, has designed a polymer/ceramic-based, self-cleaning coating for marine hull bottoms.

The protective coating can be used on both steel and fiberglass boat bottoms and is environmentally friendly. In addition to lasting five times longer than paints, the coating will reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption as it eliminates the surface resistance caused by the buildup of marine organisms on hulls.

The coating contains no TBT (tributyl tin) or VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).  The active ingredients do not leech and the coating does not ablate or wear away.  It is a powder coating that is actually a network of active copper oxide and silver particles dispersed in a fully melted polymer matrix.  The polymer particles melt when the coating is applied with Xiom’s unique thermal spray process.

The new coating from Xiom corrects two major problems of older thermal spray equipment. Previous technology consumed up to 50 percent of the coating material by overheating and burning. Also, the material rate during the application process would often pulse and surge due to build-up in the feed hose. The Xiom system does not consume the material and can achieve deposit efficiencies of up to 99 percent. A patented powder feeder provides stable material feed by eliminating build-up.

By Professional Mariner Staff