New guide offers lessons in maritime loss prevention

The following is text of a news release from The Swedish Club:

(GOTHENBURG, Sweden) — The Swedish Club has launched its new edition of "Claims at a Glance," a whistle-stop tour of cases and statistics taken from its experiences in loss prevention over the last three years. "Claims at a Glance" offers the club’s own perspective on some of the real-life cases it has recently dealt with and provides updates on some of the club’s key loss prevention publications from the last three years.

It makes interesting reading: in the time period studied the report finds that a pilot is on board ship during 30 percent of all collisions; 66 percent of all contacts and 58 percent of all groundings. It reports that 55 percent of all auxiliary engine claims occur within the first 1,000 hours of overhaul; and since the last report, you are now more likely to suffer a slip or fall on a bulk carrier than a container vessel or a tanker.

"Claims at a Glance" reviews both P&I and H&M issues ranging from cargo damage, navigational error and machinery through to piracy and injuries and illness.

Joakim Enstrom, loss prevention officer at The Swedish Club, believes in the importance of sharing the club’s knowledge base: “Accidents do happen and as an insurer we experience them every day. We believe by being transparent and sharing our statistics and experience from handling claims that we can raise awareness of issues and highlight best practices.

“Many accidents are caused by poor decisions and so we believe it is important to try to understand why accidents happen, train the crew, and ensure they have the correct knowledge and understanding of risks.

“We are very pleased to see the industry trend is that the overall amount of insurance claims are not increasing,” he added. “However the average cost for these claims is increasing. The best defense is to have a well implemented safety culture and efficient loss prevention.”
"Claims at a Glance" can be downloaded at

By Professional Mariner Staff