creates social networking site for seafarers

The following is the text of a press release issued by
“ – Find your ship, ex-ships and mates”
Masters, officers, bosuns, seamen and cadets of all nationalities in one place?
It is possible now., a new global social networking website for professional seafarers has taken off. is the first website that meets the seamen dream, which due to the specific nature of the profession,  was unattainable thus far. “We will never lose contact with our mates from ship again and we will know who will be  our mates or captain before we muster†-say founders of The new website is a global community of professional groups, related to work at sea, exchanging contacts and opinions within their circle.
There has never been a portal of such a modern and global seafarers approach. From now on you’ll know, even before you leave, what the vessel conveys, which route it takes, the nationalities of the crew members, and it’s sailor’s ratings.

On, as on the real ship, we communicate in English, but also in other languages. (e.g. norwegian, Filipino, Polsih). Registration on the portal is easy, and of course, free of charge.

Where seamen gather, there’s shipowners, crewing and manning agencies. founders’ goal is to combine this world into one online community with seaman and agency profiles. At this very moment is being expanded with recruitment functionality. Founders are currently looking for investors like big crew management companies, shipowners, maritime press etc., to financially cope with MyShip’s further development plans.

By Professional Mariner Staff