Mustang Survival acquires Stearns

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(LAFAYETTE, Calif.) — Mustang Survival has announced the acquisition of the government and commercial marine business of Stearns. The products will be amalgamated into the Mustang Survival brand of life jackets, personal flotation devices and life-saving appliances.

Mustang Survival President Jason Leggatt said the acquisition highlights the importance of the brand’s continued commitment to its government and professional consumers.

“Mustang Survival exists to deliver confidence and the ultimate experience on the water for those that work, serve, or for recreation,” he said. “We are obsessed with protecting and enhancing the performance of government and professional consumers because they use the products constantly and prove the durability and excellence of a great product solution. These markets are truly where steel sharpens the steel. In addition to the obvious growth this provides for us in core markets, the deal is extra exciting because many of the products acquired will be made onshore in our owned North American manufacturing sites.”

Mustang Survival CEO Andrew Branagh, who oversees the Wing Group including Mustang Survival and her sister companies, has been expanding the group’s power and presence with acquisitions aligned to its values and mission.

“The Wing Group is deeply embedded with top-tier government and professional users across the family of companies,” he said. “Stearns represented an incredible opportunity for Mustang Survival to be increasingly relevant to this strategic and valued customer base of ours. I am incredibly proud of how everyone in our company continues to demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of a little company, while we have grown immensely during the last eight years.”

Mustang Survival is currently working to transition the acquired product lines into its operations and will work with customers and suppliers to develop a smooth business transition. The acquired product lines and intellectual property will be branded Mustang Survival going forward and will be showcased and sold via Mustang Survival’s valued reseller partners, the Mustang Survival website, and all customer service will be handled by Mustang Survival teams.

— Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival Logo Black White 17sept2019

By Professional Mariner Staff