Modutech Marine 95’ Multi Mission Boat (MMB)

95’ long x 28’ beam aluminum Multi Mission Boat (MMB) with raised Pilothouse, transom ramp to transition payloads to/from ocean surface to/from an Aft Flat Cargo Deck, deck cranes, and dedicated Electronics Equipment Compartment.
Operations include, but are not limited to, launch and retrieval of underwater targets, retrieval of torpedoes, launch and retrieval of surface targets, launch and retrieval of air targets, electronic warfare, and use in training evolutions for seamanship and vessel boarding.
Mission duration is 7 to 10 days with 24/7 operations.  Full load speed 17 knots.  Cruise speed in excess of 13 knots.  Fuel capacity sufficient for 1200 nautical mile range at cruise speed.
Fully capable of conducting mission operations in Sea State 3; transit and survive Sea State 5. Capable of operating in all weather conditions.

Modutech Marine Inc

By Professional Mariner Staff