Markey’s Quality Certified to International Standards

Worker Commitment Praised by ISO-9001 Auditor
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — November 5, 2010 — Today, Markey Machinery Company announced it received certification to International Standards Organization Quality Standard (ISO-9001:2008). From engineering calculations to final assembly and after sales support, high quality machinery and superior customer service is traceable to the company’s founders and namesakes. Until auditors issued their findings independently, recognition of this legacy was confined to knowledgeable customers and shared largely through word of mouth. In today’s global economy, ‘Certified to ISO-9001:2008’ includes the universal message that behind each quality winch, windlass and capstan produced in our factory is every workers commitment to meeting the customer’s needs. And it’s a lot easier than explaining founder Charles Markey’s quality philosophy, “Build what you know you can build right.†Anything else is just a winch!
By Professional Mariner Staff