Markey Machinery readies towing winch for 34 more years

On June 15th, 2006 a Markey TDSD-32 Towing Winch originally built in 1973 arrived at the Markey Shop for a complete rebuild so that its owner, Penn Maritime, could get another 30+ years of service out of it.   Eleven months later it left the Markey Shop as good as new and ready to go back to work.

This Markey Double-Drum Towing Winch is rated for 2200 feet of 2” wire rope on each drum, and features a line-pull of up to 135,000 lbs. via its diesel engine power.

Markey Machinery has many designs and services available for all kinds of tugs, including many versions of its single and double-drum towing winches, Ship-Assist & Escort winches, including newer LNG-specific Escort Winch applications, including versions with below-deck electric motors, explosion-proof motors and brakes, intrinsically-safe controls, hydraulic-motor drives, and constant-tension drives. 

By Professional Mariner Staff