(SEATTLE, WASH. – JULY 29, 2008) — Markey Machinery Company, Inc. announces they have agreed to participate in Marine Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) SAFETUG II.  Under MARIN’s leadership, SAFETUG II is the second phase of a project exploring new tug boat technologies to ensure that precious ocean-borne commodities safely reach domestic and international consumers.  SAFETUG II will gather about 30 companies like Exxon-Mobile, BP, Shell, Robert Allen, and The Glosten Associates in partnership to continue to solve the challenges associated with escorting, berthing and assisting large vessels in dynamic wave environments. “Marine energy terminals, like Sempra Energy’s new Energia Costa Azul LNG terminal, are being planned for sites where tugs must render services in unprotected waters,” explained Markey’s President, Blaine Dempke. “It’s important,” he added, “that a company which pioneered automatic Render/Recover™ line controls and is the leading supplier of Class I, II, II+ and III Hawser Winches lend its expertise to the project.”  Markey provides the best available technology for new machinery designs and supports tug operators like Moran Towing, Crowley, Foss, Grupo Boluda, and many others.

By Professional Mariner Staff