MarineSafety International introduces new tug simulator

Marine Safety International’s tug simulator boasts Rolls Royce z-drive controls and Markey Machinery Co. winch controls.

(FLUSHING, NY – APRIL 28, 2008) – MarineSafety International, Inc. announced today the availability of a new tug simulator at its Newport, RI training and research facility. The new simulator was built from the plans for the wheel house of a recently-built ASD tug. The wheelhouse has full 360 degree visibility. In addition there are upper and lower windows forward, providing the tug operator a better view when close aboard a ship or barge.

The simulator has Rolls Royce azimuth drive controls, and boasts Markey Machinery Co. winch controls. The new render-recover winch capability, used by tugs to compensate for the forces of sea and swell when escorting a ship outside a protected harbor, is also included in the simulator.

“This new tug simulator will add significantly to our LNG port and terminal project work and to our customized training for tug operating companies,” said Captain Ed Lynch, Center Director for MarineSafety-Newport.

MarineSafety plans to use the tug simulator in customized three to five day courses for tug operators and for pilots. The course for tug operators provides practice for the unique maneuvers that make tractor tugs so effective and important during tethered escorting and ship assist work. The course for pilots helps them develop knowledge to fully exploit the capability of tractor tugs by providing an opportunity to experience new ways of employing these highly maneuverable tugs.

Although initially configured as an ASD tug, the simulator can replicate any tug type. The controls and the software defining the tug’s dynamic motion can be easily and readily changed. Most importantly, the tug simulator can also be interactively linked to one or more simulators to provide realistic operational exercises.

By Professional Mariner Staff