M. H. Simonsen ApS Chooses KVH TracPhone V7 to Reduce Communication Costs, Improve Crew Welfare on Tankers

MIDDLETOWN, RI — Faced with a growing need for reliable connections to shore and increased control over variable and increasingly expensive communications costs, M. H. Simonsen ApS, of Denmark, recently adopted the TracPhone® V7  and mini-VSAT Broadbandsm service from KVH Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: KVHI ) as its primary communications solution on six ice class oil/chemical tankers. The Simonsen vessels are now enjoying reduced service costs, increased bandwidth, and improved crew morale thanks to the resulting broadband data connections, VoIP telephone service, fixed-rate pricing and a Ku-band network that is expanding to offer global coverage.
The investment is turning out to be a successful one in terms of long-term affordability, as well. Simonsen’s primary concern when installing satellite communications equipment aboard its tankers was monthly airtime cost. “While the hardware and installation cost is a one-time investment, it was crucial to have a known monthly airtime rate without surprises,” explains Ulrik Madsen, Simonsen’s Marine Superintendent. “We studied all of the satellite communications options available to this market, and KVH was the only vendor able to offer a fixed monthly airtime rate, which was our main reason for choosing mini-VSAT Broadband.”
Communications capabilities are also important factors in strengthening the competitive position for commercial shipping companies through the Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE), which tracks safety and quality in the shipping industry and helps fleets with high scores to secure the most lucrative contracts. Simonsen is performing very well in several  important SIRE ranking categories, thanks to mini-VSAT Broadband. “Crew morale is key,” says Madsen, “which is clear from the response we have received from crews onboard the vessels that have the TracPhone V7 installed. We also have regular visits by third-party inspectors in connection with vetting, loading, and unloading. These people benefit significantly from the system, as it helps them with the execution of the tasks they’ve come onboard to complete,” he explains.
The mini-VSAT Broadband service, along with the KVH TracPhone V7 antenna, comprise the first end-to-end 26-inch VSAT hardware, service, and support package available for maritime communications and offers Voice over IP phone service and Internet access as fast as 512 Kbps (upload) and 2 Mbps (download) at fixed monthly rates. The compact TracPhone V7, which is 75% lighter and 85% smaller by volume than traditional 1-meter VSAT antennas, brings a blend of the economy and speed of VSAT communications with lower costs and easier installation, making the system exceptionally well suited for commercial oil and gas, shipping, and government vessels.
“We are very excited that Simonsen chose the TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband service as their primary satellite communications solution on these six tankers,” says Svend Lykke Larsen, managing director for KVH Europe. “We see these results on commercial fleets all the time — KVH’s end-to-end solution actually helps fleets to cut communications costs and increase operational performance while adding great value to many key areas, including crew welfare and regulatory compliance, which can increase SIRE scores and help with securing the best contracts.”
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By Professional Mariner Staff