Bulk carrier loses steering, runs aground in San Joaquin River

The following is the text of a press release issued by the U.S. Coast Guard:
(RIO VISTA, Calif.) — The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the report of a 570 foot bulk carrier that ran aground on the San Joaquin River east of Sherman Island this evening.
The Tasman Revolution, a 570 ft bulk carrier, loaded with rice, steel, and lumber, was travelling outbound from Stockton, Calif, when it temporarily lost steering and made contact with the river bottom at approximately 8:30 this evening.
Upon initial inspection by the vessel’s crew and Coast Guard units on scene, there appears to be no significant damage to the vessel. Examination of the vessel’s fuel tanks also indicate no apparent release of pollution into the water.
Under the assistance of a tug, the vessel is currently enroute to an anchorage where it will be met by Coast Guard inspectors who will examine the cause of the incident and inspect the vessel for any damage.
By Professional Mariner Staff