KVH Videotel launches task-based competency assessments

(MIDDLETOWN, R.I.) — KVH Videotel has announced a new feature of its Videotel Performance Manager service that provides the ability to structure task-based competency assessments for seafarers on any given subject and monitor progress as they develop their skills. Evaluating and documenting the competency of seafarers and enabling them to perform at the peak of their abilities are of critical importance to ship operators. 

Based around the established maritime concept of task books, this new feature allows seafarers to prepare for, and be evaluated against, any competency that should be demonstrated during their time on board ship. The results are made available to shore staff in interactive reports within Videotel Performance Manager. In conjunction with regulatory training, this information can help identify high-performing staff eligible for promotion or help ensure that all staff are performing to the same recognized standards.
KVH Videotel provides its own core set of task-based competencies applicable to various vessel types, with each competency mapped to KVH Videotel’s training catalog, and can help develop content for specific topics where required. Task-based competency also allows customers to add their own existing taskbooks to the platform or create new content directly within the application.
Key features of task-based competency, part of Videotel Performance Manager, include:

• Provides, or aids in creation of, core task-based competencies applicable to various vessel types.
• Enables ship operators to add pre-existing task books to the platform or create new ones.
• Suggests resources, including KVH Videotel training content, to aid better preparation.
• Provides integrated software for assessors and candidates to view, plan, and record assessments.
• Provides intuitive and powerful reports for the identification of high performers.

 For more information, visit www.videotel.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff