KVH launches lease program for TracPhone V7

(MIDDLETOWN, RI – MAY 8, 2008) – Shipping and offshore oil and gas operators need ever-increasing bandwidth both for enterprise operations as well as for crew morale and welfare.

With its smaller size, broadband data rates, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone connections, and substantially lower hardware and airtime service costs, the new TracPhone® V7 from KVH Industries is an outstanding solution for commercial communications. Recognizing the growing interest from commercial maritime operators and their unique operational needs, KVH announced today the launch of a new leasing program for the TracPhone V7. With a 36-month lease and an extended 36-month warranty, commercial TracPhone V7 owners will now be able to treat the TracPhone V7 as an operating expense at very reasonable interest rates.

“Shipping and offshore operators are realizing that crew morale and retention are necessary expenditures in an extremely competitive market,” said Ian Palmer, KVH’s executive vice president for satellite sales. “However, existing satellite communication services and hardware are either too expensive to support crew needs or these solutions need to be limited to communications critical to shipboard operation. With the compact TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband service, however, KVH offers commercial and industrial vessels an innovative and powerful satellite communications technology that brings significant advantages in size, data speed and airtime costs.

“And with our new lease program, adding a TracPhone V7 becomes even easier for ship owners and fleet operators, whether they are looking for a stand-alone system or a complement to an existing service.”

By Professional Mariner Staff