KVH launches global conference series to address key trends in maritime connectivity

(MIDDLETOWN, R.I.) — KVH Industries Inc. has launched the 2015 Maritime Connectivity Conference Series to inform maritime professionals about the essential trends in connectivity, big data, and training that are transforming the industry. The inaugural event is taking place in Limassol, Cyprus, today, and includes presentations from experts in the areas of connectivity and content delivery, maritime training, voyage optimization, electronic chart data access, and options for addressing crew entertainment.

“With the exploding demand for broadband at sea coupled with the challenges of controlling costs in a competitive market, commercial maritime operators are exploring the best resources for leveraging modern satellite communications services to improve their fleet operations,” says Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH chief executive officer. “By bringing together industry experts in key ports worldwide, we hope there will be a good exchange of information so operators can take action.”

The series is intended for maritime professionals, including ship masters, fleet operators, personnel and manning professionals, fleet managers, and maritime IT and communications professionals.

The events are structured to include presentations by experts at Videotel, a KVH company in the forefront of maritime e-learning; Transas, a top producer of electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) and provider of electronic navigation charts; Jeppesen, a leading producer of electronic navigation charts and digital navigation solutions; and AWT, a marine industry leader in weather forecasting and ship routing. Videotel, Transas, Jeppesen, and AWT are operations-content partners with KVH’s breakthrough new content delivery service, IP-MobileCast, which utilizes multicasting technology to deliver large amounts of content to many ships at once, overcoming the prohibitively high satellite communications costs typically charged to deliver files for individual use.

The events will also feature connectivity experts from KVH’s mini-VSAT broadband satellite network, content-delivery experts from KVH’s IP-MobileCast content delivery service, and entertainment content specialists from KVH Media Group, a leading provider of entertainment content for the maritime industry. Hands-on demonstrations of the IP-MobileCast service are available as well. KVH is unique in the maritime industry for offering a complete maritime connectivity solution that includes satellite communications antenna hardware, network management hardware, connectivity, commercially licensed content, and content delivery.

Following Cyprus, there are three events in the 2015 Maritime Connectivity Conference Series scheduled in May: Copenhagen, Denmark (May 13); Singapore (May 15); and Seattle, Wash. (May 19). Five additional events are planned for late 2015: Hamburg, Germany; Athens, Greece; Oslo, Norway; Hong Kong; and New Orleans, La.

For more information, visit the 2015 Maritime Connectivity Conference Series website.

By Professional Mariner Staff