KRILL SYSTEMS Relies on FLOSCAN For SmartTugâ„¢ Software Accuracy

FloScan is the world leader in Fuel Flow Computers with over 25 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Accuracy is the critical component in determining fuel usage under varying load and sea conditions and FloScan flow sensors are the industry standard.

Krill Systems, a leader in integrated onboard and remote vessel monitoring systems for yachts and commercial vessels, recently introduced their innovative SmartTug Software, a system that revolutionizes vessel efficiency and data communication in a highly competitive and cost conscious industry. The system relies on uncompromising fuel flow accuracy and that’s why Krill incorporates FloScan Instruments reliable, accurate direct-flow fuel sensors and NEMA 2000 Interface.

“This is the age of efficiency,” said Casey Cox, president of Krill Systems, “and professional maritime operators must streamline workload while optimizing fuel usage if they are to compete and succeed in these challenging times.” Krill’s SmartTug Software not only displays real-time fuel efficiency data, but with the power of our SQL database captains can now record the start and stop points of a trip and instantly transmit all cost-related data directly to operation headquarters for immediate analysis. It provides the ability to determine profitability per job quickly and accurately.”

The innovative software combines data from a variety of onboard systems including GPS, digital engine data and the absolutely critical information provided by the FloScan components—real-time and overall fuel consumption. It incorporates the data into a series of pull down windows that can display current operating data and historical data from any phase of a trip. It can provide complete trip information upon completion; compute the actual operational cost of a trip; detect inefficient use of engines and generators; eliminate paperwork and manual data entry; spot potential maintenance issues before they become costly service issues while monitoring and recording all onboard equipment for optimal performance. The system is so accurate it can even be used for insurance documentation.

Obviously, all of these functions hinge on the accuracy of the fuel monitoring components. For that critical data Krill chose the proven accuracy of FloScan direct-flow fuel sensors and their flexible NEMA 2000 data interface. The added benefit of having immediate access to continuous, accurate fuel flow data means the captain can easily adjust engine RPM to achieve the most fuel efficient speed for any load and sea conditions. In most cases significant fuel savings, and resulting cost reductions, are achieved.

“There is no substitute for the accuracy of a direct-flow fuel sensor in determining true consumption rates,” said Joe Dydasco, FloScan director of sales and marketing. “With all the variables that come into play only FloScan can provide the degree of accuracy necessary to reduce operating costs and for making business decisions with confidence.”

NEMA 2000 Interface allows the vessel operator to determine gallons/liters per hour; gallon/liters consumed; gallons/liters remaining; nautical miles per gallon/liter and distance to empty. And because fuel use measurements are determined by the most accurate system on the market today you can be assured that the data is reliable.

“FloScan is pleased to partner with Krill Systems in taking this important step into the future for the maritime industry,” said Dydasco. “In today’s world of high priced energy where fuel has become the second most expensive cost of doing business, accurate information on fuel consumption can make all the difference between profitability and bankruptcy. Our fuel computers have been providing the edge for successful operators for over twenty years.”

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By Professional Mariner Staff