Kongsberg Maritime introduces new system for enhanced simulator training

The Neptune Instructor system from Kongsberg Maritime.

(KONGSBERG, NORWAY — November 12, 2007) Kongsberg Maritime, a supplier of maritime simulation systems, has introduced the Neptune Instructor system to enhance the quality of simulation training by providing complete, user-friendly control of student exercises. The system will serve as an improved monitoring, assessment and configuration tool for the Neptune Engine Room and Cargo Handling simulators.

The Neptune Instructor system enables the instructor to develop tailored exercise modules for individuals and teams from any PC running the application. Using an advanced but intuitive suite of tools, instructors can create exercise modules using a variety of components from initial conditions to assessment.

A key aspect of the system is its automatic recording and playback functionality, allowing replay of any part of the exercise in order to focus on specific learning objectives. An innovative new “resume” function enables an exercise to be stopped and started at will, allowing instructors to pause or “rewind” the simulation to give guidance or advice.

“The Neptune Instructor System offers highly intuitive operation and flexible installation options,” comments Mark Treen, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kongsberg Maritime Simulation. “Its modular design enables training institutes to add components as and when necessary, choosing between initial options of Standalone, Neptune Basic and Neptune Pro.”

The Neptune Instructor system was developed in close co-operation with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, Det Norsk Veritas and experienced simulation instructors from all over the world. The system can be integrated into any existing Kongsberg Maritime Windows-based Engine Room or Cargo Handling installations, allowing existing customers to easily upgrade.

By Professional Mariner Staff