Kelvin Hughes and Marshall Land Systems provide fully-engineered security surveillance solutions

The two companies will be combining their skills and capabilities to offer surveillance systems, designed for delivering to, and operation in, austere environments. Kelvin Hughes will contribute integrated sensor packages, based upon its SharpEye™ radar technology, and CxEyeTM security integration software. Marshall Land Systems will contribute its leading expertise in the design, manufacture and support of protective deployable systems, providing for safety and ease of delivery to the point of use, and the speedy deployment and support of the assets in use.

Deployable surveillance systems can include protective workspaces for remote and potentially dangerous environments such as the desert. Together, Kelvin Hughes and Marshall Land Systems are able to provide a full range of solutions, from a vehicle mounted, lightweight and short-range sensor, to trailers and shelters that provide protected workspaces for the operation of long-range sensors.

The companies are both well-respected leaders in their fields; Kelvin Hughes in surveillance radar and Marshall Land Systems in deployable integrated solutions for remote operations.

Russell Gould, Chief Executive of Kelvin Hughes, said: “Marshall Land Systems is a company well known for the capability of its products in harsh environments. The technology that the Kelvin Hughes team wants to introduce into these situations can benefit hugely from Marshall Land Systems knowledge of deployable integrated solutions and sustainment of sophisticated equipment.”

The systems include trailers and containerised shelters equipped with surveillance sensors. In addition, there are soft skinned and protected vehicle options using Marshall Land Systems’ expertise and Kelvin Hughes sensor packages to provide mobile variants.

Ray Cutting, Managing Director of Marshall Land Systems, commented: “Kelvin Hughes products – such as the SharpEye™ solid state radar – utilise very advanced detection technology and perfectly complement our platforms to provide a comprehensive surveillance package.”

Manufactured in the UK, Kelvin Hughes security and surveillance solutions incorporate unique state-of-the-art, proven technologies. The company recognises that its customers are looking for comprehensive solutions tailored for specific operations. These must provide not only a market-leading sensor package, but also the deployable infrastructure to deliver it to the point of use and sustain it. The target information, video and voice can then be transmitted to command and control centres to enable remote threat analysis and response.


Kelvin Hughes will be providing surveillance sensor expertise and products, such as the company’s market-leading SharpEye™ radar, along with other complementary sensors including electro-optic cameras to offer a tailored surveillance and situational awareness package.

Marshall Land Systems design, manufacture, deliver and support protective workspaces into remote and austere environments around the world. Working with partners and suppliers, the company provides the engineering design skills to package equipment for rugged transport and reliable operation.

Fixed installations utilising radar and other security sensors are available for perimeter or area protection.


•         Border security

•         Civil infrastructure protection

•         Base security

•         Perimeter security

•         Patrol and military vehicles

•         Mobile and portable surveillance missions

Kelvin Hughes has a long tradition of innovation and engineering excellence, and is a trusted and reliable partner to the world’s navies, merchant shipping and pleasure craft operators. That expertise is also applied to the land domain, where products designed and built by Kelvin Hughes safeguard borders, coastlines and critical national infrastructure in many parts of the world.

Marshall Land Systems share a similar proud heritage as a long-established, privately-owned British company. The company designs, builds and supports durable and market-leading products in the UK, specifically engineered to meet their customers’ requirements.  They also have the capacity to source, adapt and support a vast range of motor vehicles.

The partnership will bring the highest levels of performance, availability, durability, scalability, ease of use and support, providing exceptional affordability and through-life costs, backed by comprehensive logistic and technical support to customers.

By Professional Mariner Staff