KBB presents latest turbocharging solutions at CIMAC 2016

(BANNEWITZ, Germany) — The focus in the marine market is now more and more on efficiency and emissions reduction rather than outright power production, so the scope for new and innovative thinking on how to meet these new targets is wide ranging. KBB is responding to these ongoing challenges for engine owners and managers by improving performance and reducing life cycle costs.

With an eye on the future, KBB has been continually developing several projects, such as single-stage high-pressure turbocharging, two-stage turbocharging as well as various exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) concepts.

KBB’s ST27 series achieves pressure ratios of up to 5.5:1, and while cost and simplicity are keywords that define the technology of single stage turbocharging, higher charging pressures are key to meeting both performance and emissions reduction criteria on current engines. This is particularly relevant for dual-fuel engines and diesel engines fitted with exhaust-gas aftertreatment or EGR, which can help to comply with IMO Tier III regulations.

2014 saw the launch of a series of engines with the "Knowledge to Boost" (K2B) two-stage turbocharging system from KBB. With intermediate cooling they provide the possibility of turbocharging diesel, heavy fuel oil and gas engines with an engine output up to 5 MW. Pressure ratios of 10:1 may be possible when combining both LP and HP turbocharging.

Dr. Roman Drozdowski, KBB managing director, said, “As a world-class manufacturer of high-performance turbochargers, KBB is proud to present the latest innovations at the CIMAC congress 2016 in Helsinki. For many years KBB has used this professional forum to discuss cutting-edge research and development topics with our partners.”

For more information, visit www.kbb-turbo.de.

By Professional Mariner Staff