JRC celebrates its 100-year anniversary

(TOKYO) — Japan Radio Company (JRC) announced that it reached its 100-year anniversary in 2015.

With the passing of the private radio law in Japan in June 1915, the company was founded in December of the same year as the Japan Radiotelegraph Manufacturing Co. Within year one the first product was developed, a radiotelegraph unit which was installed on a rescue vessel. It was not until the 1940s that the company changed its name to JRC, and today’s known logo came into effect, which is this year exactly 70 years old.
In 1953, JRC was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the company continued to be heavily involved in unique and challenging projects, from the first-generation satellite communication terminal in the 1970s for Marisat (today known as Inmarsat) to the world’s smallest and lightest solid state S-band scanner in 2015.

The "R" in JRC could be easily associated with radar instead of radio. Since its beginning in 1915 as a radio manufacturer, the company has grown to become a global leader of marine radar systems with many world firsts, having sold close to 400,000 units. To put this figure into perspective, JRC has, ever since Neil Armstrong set his first step on the moon in 1969, sold one marine radar every hour.

The JRC group now comprises of 10 subsidiaries and five affiliated companies, including most recently the partnership with Alphatron Marine with headquarters in the Netherlands. For more information about JRC/Alphatron Marine, call +31 10 453 4000 or email marketing@jrc.am.

By Professional Mariner Staff