J.L. O'Brien: Responding in the Gulf

Clean Gulf Associates, formed in 1972 by 33 operators mostly from the oil and gas industry, is among the nation’s oldest spill cooperatives. It now has more than 110 exploration and production (E&P) and pipeline members.

With bases that extend from Aransas Pass, Texas, to Venice, La., CGA resources and personnel cut spill response costs for member companies. The co-op responds to offshore, near-shore and in-shore threats with the latest oil surveillance and detection systems, skimming, boom deployment, in-situ burning and dispersant spraying. CGA’s wildlife rehabilitation services include wash-and-rinse stations and water heating.

CGA owns tens of millions of dollars in equipment maintained by its contractor, Clean Gulf Associates Services LLC. CGAS runs PRO, a network of response services that partner with CGA employees when an accident occurs. With access to response assets, CGA’s members meet spill preparedness rules from the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

By Professional Mariner Staff