Inspectors had cited El Faro as potentially at risk

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) — A Coast Guard official testified on Monday that El Faro was on the service's "targeting list" for issues when the cargo ship sank on Oct. 1 with 33 crewmembers aboard, WOKV News reported. Kyle McAvoy told a Coast Guard investigative board that El Faro was among 10 percent of vessels in the Alternate Compliance Program that were potentially most at risk. McAvoy didn’t specify why El Faro had been placed on the list, but said factors could include outstanding issues of classification, non-conformities, expired documents, age and deficiencies. He said being on the list means a marine inspector with the Coast Guard would have called on El Faro at its next port for an investigation and would have had increased monitoring on the ship after that point as well.

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By Professional Mariner Staff