Inmarsat launches Fleet Xpress high-speed broadband service

(LONDON) — Inmarsat has launched Fleet Xpress, the first globally available high-speed broadband solution for maritime and offshore operators available from a single communications provider.

Fleet Xpress enables shipowners and operators to enhance their business intelligence, improve operational efficiency and vessel performance, and provide a host of high-value crew welfare benefits.

Fleet Xpress will also empower third-party application providers to enhance their existing services to maritime customers, and to develop a host of innovative new applications that will further drive operational efficiencies, ranging from real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics and telemedicine to security and crew service management tools, among others.

“Fleet Xpress is a groundbreaking new service that will shape communications at sea beyond recognition,” said Ronald Spithout, Inmarsat Maritime president. “Through Fleet Xpress, shipowners and operators can experience unparalleled levels of performance and simplicity. It will provide the guaranteed high-speed connectivity that is essential to support the safest and most efficient vessel operations, anywhere in the world. While, in parallel, it will match the personal connectivity needs of even the most demanding modern seafarer, delivering services previously available only on shore.”

Fleet Xpress, which is based on Inmarsat’s new Global Xpress (GX) satellite constellation, combines the high data speeds of Ka-band with the FleetBroadband L-band service for unlimited backup. As a fully integrated service, it switches automatically between Ka-band and L-band, ensuring an "always on" guaranteed connection with a committed information rate, backed up by service level agreements to ensure customers always receive the service for which they are paying.

To take advantage of the new service, vessels will require a 1m or 60cm Global Xpress antenna and terminal, and a FleetBroadband terminal (either FleetBroadband 500 or FleetBroadband 250), that are pre-commissioned on the network to provide quick and easy plug and play deployment.

Inmarsat is working with a number of partners globally to deliver Fleet Xpress into the market, including Network Innovations, Marlink and Singtel. Additional partners are expected to complete the Fleet Xpress “on-boarding” process in the coming months.

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By Professional Mariner Staff