Icebreaking Milwaukee workboat takes on water, sinks

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(MILWAUKEE,) — Port Milwaukee’s oldest workboat, Harbor Seagull, began taking on water over the weekend and sank Monday morning, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

City officials called the sinking a “significant and unexpected mishap.” No one was injured and port workers began the work of pulling the 60-year-old boat to the surface Tuesday, according to city spokesman Jeff Fleming.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photo

Seagull is used to remove large debris, trees, logs and other hazards to boats using the waterways. During winter, the vessel also assists in breaking up ice in the harbor and rivers.

Adam Tindall-Schlicht, director of Port Milwaukee, said Harbor Seagull likely started taking on water late Sunday night or early Monday morning. “The cause of the sinking is unknown,” he said.

The last known operation of the Seagull was on Saturday night when it was icebreaking on the Kinnickinnic River.

By Professional Mariner Staff