Humphree introduces Vessel Motion Monitoring system

Vmm Catamaran System Arrangement Integrated

(GOTEBORG, Sweden) — Humphree has developed the Vessel Motion Monitoring system in-house as a request from their customers in different segments of the marine industry. As an independent third party company, Humphree’s VMM system can observe and record likeliness of sea sickness, acceleration forces and ship motions, all related to GPS coordinates.

The system includes a three-step structure:

Transit — With one or several motion sensors installed, the captain can monitor the accelerations (g-forces) at the location of each motion sensor onboard. Maximum impact, average and last impact is shown in the color display. Seasickness index and probable time to become seasick is also shown.

Landing — In some situations (such as docking against a windmill) it is very useful to monitor horizontal accelerations (g-forces) in combination with vertical vessel heave motions. With a landing sensor installed in the bow, the Humphree VMM system intuitively presents this real time information in the display.

Recording — For users that would like to review vessel operations in a post-processing stage, the Humphree VMM system offers an add-on possibility to record GPS position, accelerations, speed, heave motions and more!

The Humphree VMM can easily be added to a new or an existing Humphree trim interceptor system installation. For a customer planning to install a Humphree trim system, the VMM is just a small step away as the two systems integrate well with each other. The system can also be installed in vessels in operation as a stand-alone system.

“The marine market gets more and more demanding when it comes to onboard crew and passenger handling and we see that more people are requesting for a system that can observe what is happening on the vessel during operation. As our Vessel Motion Monitoring system also can record for further studies of the operation we believe that it will be a helpful tool for different types of operators in the marine market," says Per Landegren, managing director at Humphree.

By Professional Mariner Staff