Humphree introduces super-sized fin stabilizers for megayachts


(SELBYVILLE, Del.) — Humphree has broadened its range of stabilization systems with the introduction of new 1.3- and 1.5-square-meter fins for megayachts.

The new extra-large fins are available in twin or quad configurations for yachts ranging from 80 to 165 feet. They complement Humphree’s existing range of 0.45- to 1-square-meter fins.

Humphree has also developed a new 24VDC servo actuator designed to control the larger-size fins. The all-electric DC-powered system eliminates the need for space-consuming and messy hydraulic systems. Very little maintenance is recommended other than replacement of seals every four years.

Humphree’s unique fin design provides full stabilization at speeds from zero to 30 knots.

When the yacht is riding at anchor, the fins automatically rotate through 360 degrees to gently pull the anchor and keep the bow pointing into the wind, eliminating “anchor walk.” The fins can operate on batteries all night without a genset running. The soft start and stop control makes for quiet operation at night.

The fins’ hydrodynamic profile minimizes drag when underway, and Humphree’s unique coordinated turn function makes it possible to make comfortable tighter turns at higher speeds.

Humphree’s flange mount design minimizes hull damage in the event of a grounding. With no heavy shaft inside the hull, fins can be replaced under water.

The fins can be installed together with Humphree electric interceptors to create a fully integrated motion-control system for pitch and roll with computerized automatic ride control.

“With the addition of the new larger-size fins we are now able to extend the benefits of electric fin stabilization to much larger vessels with no compromise in performance,” said Sean Berrie, president of Humphree USA. “The compact VDC electric servo unit, and the unique fin flange design make for easy, cost-effective retrofit installation on existing boats.”

Humphree will be showing its range of fins and interceptors in Booth 643 in the Superyacht Pavilion at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Oct. 30-Nov. 2.

By Professional Mariner Staff