Hovertrans Solutions Debuts at OTC 2010 Company Provides Unique Heavy Lift Hoverbarge Solutions

Houston, Tx, 19 April 2010 — Hovertrans Solutions Pte. Ltd. (Hovertrans Solutions) is a leading designer and manufacturer of hoverbarges for heavy lift in difficult terrain in the global oil and gas, and specialist transportation industries. The company will make its debut at the Offshore Technology Conference 2010 to be held in Houston, Texas, from 3-6 May.

The amphibious hoverbarge is capable of carrying thousands of tonnes in payload over swamps / wetlands, tundra, ice and shallow water, and opens up exciting possibilities for oil and gas exploration and remote field development. A significant advantage of the hoverbarge is that it only exerts 1psi ground pressure whilst on hover, thus minimizing any environmental footprint.

Hovertrans Solutions is formed by Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd (ST Marine) together with experienced partners with nearly 40 years of managerial experience in the Hoverbarge marketplace. The new company leverages ST Marine’s extensive design, engineering and worldwide presence, including their US operations with VT Halter Marine shipyards in Mississippi USA.

Hovertrans Solutions has developed a new modular range of hoverbarges ranging from 50 tons to 400 tons. The modular hoverbarge is constructed from specially designed pontoons with a modular skirt and lift fan system. The modularity means that the hoverbarge can now operate inside previously difficult to access areas. The hoverbarge can be trucked to the location and assembled on-site, enabling access to inland areas such as lakes, rivers and wetlands. Another significant advantage is that mobilization and de-mobilization costs are significantly reduced thus making it more cost effective to own and operate hoverbarges for charter companies.

For further information about our solutions with hoverbarges please visit the company’s website: www.hovertranssolutions.com or talk to us at the Offshore Technology Conference 2010, from 3-6 May at Booth 6005.

By Professional Mariner Staff