Florida patrol boat rescues jet skiers in path of cruise ship

Taner Primmer 580 3

(PORT CANAVERAL, Fla.) — Quick action by a Port Canaveral harbor pilot and a Brevard County Marine Unit deputy prevented two jet skiers from being hit by a cruise ship, Space Coast Daily reported.

Capt. Doug Brown was the pilot navigating Carnival Magic out of the port Saturday when he noticed a jet ski being operated within the navigation channel. He alerted Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy Taner Primmer, who was on duty in the harbor operating a patrol boat in support of the cruise ship departures.

Primmer was making his way toward the boaters when one fell off the watercraft. When an attempt was made to re-board, the jet ski flipped and both boaters ended up in the water with the cruise ship bearing down on their position.

Brown, working with the captain and bridge team of Carnival Magic, maneuvered the ship away from the boaters while Primmer pulled them aboard his patrol vessel and out of harm’s way.

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By Professional Mariner Staff