Posted: May 1, 2008 by Rick Fernandes
How dareth thee.

First of all, let me just say…I can explain everything.

Well, not everything. What I mean is, JMS is not a salvage company, nor are we THE expert; at least not in the common understood sense. It’s true; we’re not like those other guys…should you ever be so unlucky to need one during such an unfortunate circumstance…as say…on the most unforgiving seas during an uncool hurricane trying to catch a towline messenger shot from a cannon before your vessel unfloats right from under you. Companies like Titan or the other brave souls who own and operate their salvage tugs on just such occasions and shear legs (what’s that?) and other enormous pulling machines you’ve never seen or heard of (count your blessings) who lift entire vessels from the bottom of the sea or off the beach, but either way bring them back where they belong. Been known to save a life or two, too. No matter what it takes.

No. That’s not us. But you’re close.

So can we be an expert but not THE expert?
Great question, if I say so myself.

Well…until someone invents the crystal ball, which is to say, able to know what the sea may hold in store for that so-called, self-proclaimed “expert”, no one among our merry band would be wise to single themselves THE expert for fear of bringing Neptune’s merciless wrath upon their sorry self. Strength in numbers, we’re hoping.

So as far as you will ever hear any of us say, we are experts among a small group of others. We are great at what we do – salvage response. This is our expert blog, and we think we earned it.

But seriously, it belongs to all of us.

Now that I got that recovered, I mean uncovered, unveiled, whichever the case may be, what’s next? …or rather, what will we actually do here?

Another great question.
Thank you.

We will try to make this blog useful to you. No kidding. Whataconcept. But why else would you come back? If we forget that simple thing, you won’t. Whether you are a vessel operator, owner, salvor, engineer, naval architect, general maritime buff or inspector general of maritime bluffery, we hope there’s something here for you and this is the place you go to get it. And if it couldn’t possibly get any better than that, please be our guest and pitch in with your own expertise.

OK. So we know something about salvage. Heck, we go way back. But more importantly we know what most people don’t know about it, but probably should. We will provide tips, technical advice and opinion and not-so-technical advice and opinion. A little news from our “Man On The Pier”, the big picture and the small (Devil’s in the details, you know), some history and how it always points to the future. How did history get to be so smart?

That’s today’s plan, anyway…and as a very wise Salvage Master once told me, “It’s good for five miles and five minutes.”

One other thing…I don’t want to do all the talking, er, writing (Is that what this is? ed.) Other experts from JMS will contribute here and hopefully others from the salvage community as well – I hope – with guest posts, interviews or just comments.

And like I said, we want to hear what you have to say. You will be key. Otherwise, we’re just talking to oursalvs.

So…constructive comments, suggestions, maps, charts, directions, well-wishing well-wishers and non-ticking packages welcome.

Now back to work, and to the rest of the very serious, unfunny business of the Professional Mariner.
No kidding.
Well…maybe a little.


Rick Fernandes
JMS. The sea-going naval architects.

By Professional Mariner Staff