Elizabeth Robinson/Robert Anthony specifications

Owner/Operator: John Bludworth Shipyard LLC
Builder: John Bludworth Shipyard LLC
Designer: John L Bludworth III
Dimensions: 110’ x 32’ x11’
Mission: Inland river pushboat
Crew size: Unspecified

Engines: Caterpillar 3512C, 1,575 hp each
Vessel speed: 10 knots
Propellers: 88”x65” 4-blade SS
Gearbox: Twin Disc MGX5600
Aux. generators: John Deere 6068TFM76

Deck equipment: 
Winches: Patterson WWP40E-7.5-14-208-G-R
Capstan: Stearns
Fendering: Laminated rubber fenders, M&M Bumper Services

Navigation gear:
Radar: (2) Furuno 2117 BB/DC with 6’ arrays
Electronic chart display: Rose Point Navigation Systems
Compass: (1) Ritchie compass and (1) Furuno SC50 satellite compass
AIS: (1) Furuno FA150
E-nav software: Rose Point

Radio: (4) Standard Horizon 5500S VHF
Satellite connection: N/A, dual cellular connection utilized for data

Fuel: 71,366 gallons
Water: 19,300 gallons
Other: lube, 750 gallons; gear oil, 250 gallons; slop oil, 1,000 gallons; hydraulic oil, 100 gallons

Pumps: Baldor Reliancer JMM3314T

By Professional Mariner Staff