Dieselcraft's 'filter-less' fuel purifier receives ABS design certificate


(HOBOKEN, N.J.) — The American Bureau of Ships (ABS) has issued a product design assessment (PDA) certificate to Dieselcraft, a Magnum Group company, for the company’s “filter-less” diesel fuel line of marine purifiers. Dieselcraft requested the purifier product be reviewed by ABS to ensure that the design, material used in construction, manufacturing and testing protocol conformed to the various ABS vessel rules for fuel systems and International ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div 1. 2015 design pressure and temperature thresholds.

As part of the certification process, Dieselcraft provided detailed engineering drawings and materials of construction and fabrication that meet or exceed ASME pressure and temperature requirements for 150 psi pressure and 300°F temperature. In addition, the company provided test results from an independent testing lab verifying that the Dieselcraft purifier design removed 99 percent of free water and 95 percent of sediments.

The ABS/PDA certification applies to six purifier models with flow rates ranging from 0.82 gpm to 13.3 gpm. The certification states the purifier’s “intended service” is for “marine and offshore application-water and sediment removal.”

In the design evaluation phase, Dieselcraft’s engineering consultant specified ABS approved SA-106 B solid cylindrical tubing which has increased the diameter and wall thickness. The upgraded design has the benefit of increasing each model’s flow profile. Purifiers are sized to match fuel flow rate to optimize residence time (RT) of the fuel in the purifier. The combination of specific RT, rate of flow, distance traveled in the purifier before the fuel is forced to change direction (Newton’s First Principle) causes the heavier particles, according to their specific gravity, to separate. The heavier particles by weight — water and solid contaminates — remain in the integral reservoir and the “clean or purified” lighter diesel fuel next passes through a substantial layer of a coalescing media, activated alumina, which traps and removes any residual water. The trapped water droplets agglomerate and eventually fall to the reservoir. The clean diesel fuel exists and continues to the engine’s primary filters. A special water sensor in the reservoir senses water level needs to be drained and sends a signal to manually or automatically drain the reservoir.  

During the draining of the purifier reservoir, the engine does not have to be shut down or the fuel flow is not disturbed as required under the product design assessment service restrictions, which state, “Filters are to be installed so that there is no interruption in service or fuel flow.”    

The purifier, aside from draining the reservoir, needs no servicing and has no replacement filters. The activated alumina will not deteriorate nor clog since the heavy particulates remain in the reservoir.

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By Professional Mariner Staff