Delay in license renewal

This is addressed to all mariners whose records are maintained by the Miami R.E.C.

Despite recent articles concerning centralization of mariner’s records, Miami is not included. These articles gave the impression that the renewal process was now much more streamlined and timely.

This may be true in other R.E.C.s but not Miami.

As of yesterday 17 April 2008, the Miami R.E.C is announcing a 16+ week delay in the renewal process. On top of that they also announced that the Miami R.E.C. would be closed for all activities during period 5-8 May.

The object of this letter is to warn mariners that if there license expires within the next six months it would behoove them to renew now.

As a reminder, it is a $5,000 fine to operate any vessel requiring a license with an expired license.

By Professional Mariner Staff