Deepest production spar in world calls for Samson’s synthetic rope

(FERNDALE, WA — November 8, 2007)  Samson, a synthetic rope-maker, has been awarded the contract to provide a winch and winch line for the Shell Perdido Spar. The rope will be provided in a continuous 9,200 foot length, and used to lower subsea hardware for installation on the sea floor.

The contract calls for 2-1/2” Quantum-12, Samson’s high performance rope made with Dyneema, packaged with a unique traction winch specifically designed for HMPE rope. Samson is partnering with Logan Winch of Houston, TX to develop the hydraulic winch system.

Quantum-12 is a 12-strand rope using a combination of Dyneema-75 and Samson’s DPX fiber in a patented construction. The result is a rope with the strength of Dyneema-75, a higher coefficient of friction, and the superior abrasion and cut resistance achieved with Samson’s DPX fiber technology. Quantum-12 compares favorably with wire rope in strength, yet at roughly 1/7 the weight, it is particularly suited for ultra-deepwater winch lines.

Using Samson’s ropes offshore allows the spar’s engineers to use more compact hardware configurations that reduce deck loading and space requirements. Samson’s high strength, lightweight ropes require far less maintenance than wire, won’t rust or corrode, and require no relubing. Easy to handle and easy to splice in the field, they have been proven to reduce operating costs, increase crew safety, and outlast wire in most commercial marine applications.

The Shell Perdido Spar, planned to be moored in 8,000 feet of water, will be the deepest production spar in the world.

By Professional Mariner Staff