Deep Oceans Expeditions in search of the Humboldt Squid

Deep Oceans Expeditions (DOE) will use the newly re-fitted submersible MV “Alucia” during an upcoming expedition to film live footage of the Humboldt Squid.

Built in 1984 at the Auroux Shipyard in southern France as a heavy lift ship and launch/recovery platform for diving and submersible operations, the MV “Alucia” was acquired in June 2004 by DOE. She is the smallest of three research vessels operated by DOE and is currently undergoing a major re-fit in Seattle, Washington USA.

Now the vessel is in the last stages of its extensive mechanical, electronic and technical upgrades. Communication and navigation systems, media editing studio, science lab, submarine and adventure underwater vehicles storage, and many other upgrades will make this “ship” a floating research laboratory, cruise ship, art studio and media center.

Radio Holland USA, a provider of electronic systems, has engineered a Media Center on board that will allow allows teams to work with all of the technology they would expect in a Hollywood studio. Radio Holland USA has been engaged to design and execute the engineering, integration and installation of the electronics design, electronics systems and highly advanced technologies that are being chosen for use by DOE.

The vessel will be commissioned in 4th quarter 2007 and will begin a series of Pacific expeditions.

The first of these expeditions planned is with the Discovery Channel to film live footage of the Humboldt Squid.  All of the production and filming will take place onboard the MV “Alucia.” Michael deGruy, an award-winning filmmaker specializing in natural history and underwater photography, has been in the planning stages of this event for 4 years, which will be the largest Discovery production to date.

By Professional Mariner Staff