Davie Shipyard begins celebrating 190th anniversary

(LEVIS, Quebec) (March 24) — Davie, named the No. 1 shipbuilder in North America in 2015 by Lloyd's List, celebrates its 190th anniversary this year.

In 1825, an English captain of the merchant marine, Allison Davie, founded what is now the biggest shipbuilder with the largest production capacity in Canada. Davie is also the largest employer of skilled shipbuilders in Canada. Throughout the past 190 years, Davie built every imaginable type of ships, the largest warships for Canadian navies, British and French, to the largest drilling platforms to international oil companies.

Present in the celebrations Tuesday surrounding the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the 190th anniversary of Davie, the minister for Transport and Implementation of Maritime Strategy, Jean D'Amour, recalled the importance of this company in the development of the maritime industry: "Throughout the years, Davie has always been able to adapt, evolve and innovate. The implementation of the first maritime strategy in our history will bring it various challenges, but there is no doubt in my mind Davie will be ready to accept them all."

Alan Bowen, CEO of Davie, spoke of the anniversary with pride: "Davie's story is truly remarkable and I am incredibly proud to be here and to perpetuate a legacy of 190 years of ingenuity and shipbuilding innovation. I am particularly proud of our talented shipbuilders, many of which are the third and fourth generation of shipbuilders at Davie. As I have often said, while a shipyard can be built in three years, it takes decades of experience to build complex ships. It is these skills that have made ​​Davie so successful in recent years and why Davie was elected North American shipyard of the year."

A series of events and activities will take place throughout the year to celebrate the 190th anniversary of Davie.

By Professional Mariner Staff