Damen signs MOU with Pearlson Shiplift

(GORINCHEM, Netherlands) — The Damen Shipyards Group and Pearlson Shiplift Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for close cooperation between the two companies in the design and execution of shiplift projects around the world. The collaboration is set to bring benefits to the clients of both companies in the optimization of the design and realization of shipyard facilities.

The MOU brings together the capabilities of two well-established, family-owned companies.

Taking account of the expertise of Pearlson Shiplift Corp. as the original inventor and developer of Syncrolift technology, the Pearlson team will provide the design and engineering knowledge required by Damen during a shipyard construction project. Pearlson Shiplift Corp. will also deliver all the critical shiplift components. “This includes all the vertical lifting equipment — the hoists — and the wire ropes,” said Pearlson Shiplift Corp. Director Bryan Fraind. “As well as the motor controls and load monitoring system, which are the ‘brains’ of the entire shiplift.

“Damen will provide all the steel and associated civil works including the lifting platform and cradles and, of course, the project management.”

Damen’s civil skills

The MOU involves Damen Civil, a part of Damen Shipyards Group. Offering maritime construction services at a worldwide level, the Damen Civil portfolio comprises the entire process of shipyard construction — from consultancy and design, all the way through to civil works and the supply of equipment, tools and training.

Building shipyards around the world, one of Damen Civil’s key principles is to combine global operating standards with local employment. This yields vital transfer of knowledge and skills for the long-term development of local economies.

Firm heritage

Pearlson Shiplift Corp.’s origins began in 1957 when Raymond Pearlson invented and built the first Syncrolift shiplift. After many successful years developing this pioneering technology and building up a dedicated global service network, Pearlson sold the company in 1979. In the meantime the size and capacity of Syncrolift shiplifts worldwide continued to grow.

Responding to service requests from original clients around the world, the business continued with the founding of Pearlson Shiplift Corp. by Raymond Pearlson’s son, Douglas.

Pearlson Shiplift Corp. draws on an innovative and successful past in continuing the family tradition. The company offers design, manufacturing and support services for both new and existing shiplift and transfer systems worldwide.

Family values

“It makes a lot of sense for our two companies to work together — there really is a natural fit between Pearlson and Damen,” said Fraind. “And not only in terms of our products. We are both family-owned companies with similar backgrounds and work methods.”

“This really is a marriage of two companies, both leading experts in their specific fields,” said Marcel Karsijns, Damen director of Civil & Modular Constructions. “The Pearlson name is a renowned and respected name in the modern shiplifting industry. It is a significant benefit to include shiplifting expertise into our range of shipyard projects.”

“However, this is not only a significant cooperation between two partners. This unique cooperation will ultimately bring major benefits to both our clients. In this case, one plus one really does equal three.”

By Professional Mariner Staff