Cummins Filtration releases Sea Pro FH240 series


(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Cummins Filtration has launched the Fleetguard Sea Pro FH240 Series, its latest release in state-of-the-art fuel filter/water separator technology for marine diesel engines 19 liters and larger. As engine fuel systems become increasingly sophisticated, the removal of water and other contaminants has never been more critical. The Sea Pro FH240 series is engineered to successfully meet and exceed requirements for clean fuel in commercial marine applications.

The Sea Pro FH240 Series is designed to reduce marine engine maintenance costs, improve the efficiency of fuel systems, and maximize uptime. It delivers service intervals in excess of 500 hours; in certain customer field trials, service intervals extended beyond 1,000 hours.

Available in a range of configurations (single, dual, and duplex in both short and tall sizes), the Sea Pro FH240 Series can be customized for specific applications. Duplex configurations are especially effective at maximizing engine uptime because they enable filter service events to take place without requiring the engine to be shut down. Simply reroute the fuel flow to the opposite side of the Sea Pro unit and replace the used filter element with a new one.

Sea Pro FH240 Series features and benefits:

• Proprietary NanoNet nanofiber media ensures the best fuel filtration and water separation available.
• 500-hour service life capability, doubling the previous service life.
• Industry-standard steel construction with anodized coating for extreme-duty applications; designed to meet new American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards.
• 67 percent more media area for greater engine protection.
• Five times more water holding capacity than the previous Sea Pro model.
• Reduced flow restriction.
• Low-restriction check valve eliminates loss of prime when draining or changing the filter.
• Proven, quick-acting drain for water and contaminant removal.
• Water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor kit available.

Agency certifications include ABS and Bureau Veritas (BV). For more information about Fleetguard products and technologies, visit or call 1-800-22FILTER.

By Professional Mariner Staff