Crew rescued, fuel spills after tug capsizes in Fraser River

Tug Capsize 201808141

(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) — The crew of a tugboat was rescued Monday night after the vessel capsized in the Fraser River between Vancouver and Richmond, but the tug spilled an undetermined amount of the fuel, The Canadian Press and the Vancouver Sun reported.

Canadian Coast Guard spokesman Dan Bate said it’s unknown what caused George H. Ledcor to capsize about 10 p.m. just east of Vancouver International Airport. There were four people aboard and all were rescued by the crew of a nearby tugboat, he said.

A light sheen was reported around the sunken tug, which was towing a gravel barge at the time of the incident. George H. Ledcor has a fuel capacity of 5,800 gallons, and Bate said response crews were still assessing the volume of the spill. The vessel was about three-quarters submerged and had been secured to pilings at the site.

Booms and absorbent pads have been placed around the vessel by the Coast Guard and Western Canada Marine Response Corp.

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By Professional Mariner Staff