PowerCell, Siemens partnering on fuel cell systems

(GOTEBORG, Sweden) — PowerCell Sweden AB has signed a memorandum of understanding with the German industrial group Siemens AG regarding joint development of fuel cell-based drive and power generating systems for marine applications.

 The aim is to integrate PowerCell’s fuel cell systems in Siemens’ existing systems for drive and power generation for the marine segment.

Siemens AG, a leading manufacturer of integrated propulsion and power generating systems for marine applications, has developed a complete system that is being marketed and sold under the name of SISHIP BlueDrive. PowerCell and Siemens will jointly develop a fuel cell-based system that can be integrated into ships such as ferries, yachts and cruise ships.

Commercial shipping is affecting the environment through emissions of both carbon dioxide and particle matter. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a target to reduce the emissions from commercial shipping with 50 percent by 2050, which will require a substantial decrease in the use of fossil fuels. In June, a power generating system based on PowerCell’s fuel cell stacks and developed by PowerCell’s Norwegian joint venture Hyon got the first approval in principle for a fuel cell-based power generating system for marine vessels.

“In large segments of the marine industry a rapid transition has already started, with increased electrification and decreased use of fossil fuels as strong trends," said Per Wassen, CEO of PowerCell. “If commercial shipping is to meet the IMO target, and seriously take on the challenge that the climate change poses, large sections of it has to convert to much more sustainable solutions. Fuel cells are a very promising alternative and Siemens and PowerCell see a great potential for the cooperation we are now entering into.”

By Professional Mariner Staff