Credentials lost in the mail? NMC provides guidance for mariners


(MARTINSBURG, W.Va.) — The National Maritime Center (NMC) mails completed credentials via standard U.S. Postal Service mail, which does not include a means of tracking, and delivery can take up to 21 days. In some cases, the credential may be returned or irreparably lost in the mail for a variety of reasons. Below are some important things you can do to reduce the chances of this happening:

• Validate your address. When applying for a credential, make sure the address on your application form is accurate and legible. If you change your address after the application has been submitted, notify NMC as soon as possible before your credential is processed and mailed by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662). Note, after the credential has been processed and mailed, NMC cannot change the method used for mailing.

• Consider using an expedited mailing option. We strongly recommend you use an expedited mailing option. Please note, the cost incurred for expedited mailing is the responsibility of the mariner.

Think your credential is lost in the mail? A replacement credential will be issued, free of charge, to mariners whose credentials were lost in the mail prior to receipt through no fault of their own. Affected mariners should follow the steps below to obtain an expedited replacement credential:

1. Confirm that we mailed out your credential. You can use the Credential Application Status tool.

2. If you have not received your credential by 21 days after it was mailed, provide a CG-719B application for a merchant mariner credential and affidavit of loss to the NMC within 60 days of mailing of the original credential in person or via email to your servicing Regional Examination Center. The affidavit should contain the following:

a. Mariner’s full name
b. Mariner’s date of birth
c. Mariner’s reference number
d. The mailing address the replacement credential should be sent to
e. Current phone number and/or e-mail address that the NMC can use to contact the mariner with questions, if necessary
f. Description of the circumstances surrounding the loss, i.e., never received the initial credential.

NMC will make every effort to have replacement credentials mailed out as soon as possible. If your original credential is subsequently received, you must immediately return the credential to the NMC.

Note: Emailing your application is the preferred method. While the Coast Guard can accommodate emails with attachments up to 35 MB in size, verify any size restrictions your email provider may have prior to sending. Missing information will cause applications to be delayed or rejected.

If you have questions regarding duplicate or replacement credentials, contact the NMC Customer Service Center via our online chat system or by calling 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662).

By Rich Miller