CR Ocean Engineering announces scrubber contract with US-based shipper

(PARSIPPANY, N.J.) — CR Ocean Engineering LLC (CROE), a worldwide supplier of exhaust gas scrubber cleaning systems, has received a marine scrubber contract for a U.S.-based shipping company.

This latest award follows a year of investigation and evaluation by the client. Starting with a smaller number of ships several months ago, the client has increased the number of ships with the CROE scrubbers to over 35. All scrubbing systems will enter commercial operations during 2019 and will be ready for operation when the International Maritime Organization (IMO) global sulfur cap goes into full effect worldwide on Jan. 1, 2020.

CROE scrubbers are designed  to help shippers meet both the 0.1 percent sulfur equivalency requirement in European and North America Emission Control Areas (ECAs) that went into effect on January 2015 and the global 0.5 percent sulfur equivalency rules that will be enforced beginning on Jan. 1, 2020. As with the 0.1 percent sulfur ECAs, the global 0.5 percent requirement will present shipping companies with the choice of using more expensive low sulfur fuel or using alternate technologies such as scrubbing systems.

Allied Shipbroking called marine scrubbing technology the “fastest and cheapest” way to reduce harmful diesel fuel emissions to meet the stringent  IMO compliance requirements for the shipping industry.

CROE has leveraged over 60 years of experience in air pollution control to develop scrubbing systems for the maritime industry. Currently CROE systems are installed or in the process of being installed on more than 150 ships. 

CR Ocean Engineering’s ship exhaust gas cleaning technology is available in three standard configurations, customizable to a ship’s requirements:

• Open-loop: once through scrubber using seawater

• Closed-loop: a recirculating scrubber using freshwater with caustic

• Hybrid: a combination of both designs for maximum flexibility

CROE Scrubbers are in-line and normally replace the silencers. Due to their small size and compact configuration, CROE systems are made for both newbuilds and retrofits. These can be configured as single stream (controlling emissions from a single engine or boiler) or multi-stream (controlling emissions from multiple engines/boilers combined) configuration.

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By Professional Mariner Staff