Cook Inlet Tug & Barge team recognized for safety innovation

(SEATTLE) — Saltchuk announced Monday that Mark Theriault, Cook Inlet Tug & Barge director of operations, will accept the 2021–2022 President’s Award for Innovation in Safety on behalf of his team.

Theriault was nominated by Cook Inlet Tug & Barge President Jeff Johnson for his team’s man overboard recovery winch design and installation, as well as for new safety railings and markings.

“Mark has provided a visible and felt leadership over the years,” Johnson wrote in his
nomination. “He fosters a culture of empowerment, innovation, and genuine care for each other’s safety.”

Left to right: Eric Nyce, William Clock, Jeff Bamford and Mark Theriault. Cook Inlet Tug & Barge photo

Theriault, in turn, nominated each of his three-member team and will accept the award on their behalf.

Engineer Jeff Bamford designed and installed the slide-away gangway that is more robust and sturdier for the Arctic environment. Mate William Clock “consistently provides safe and innovative solutions for the tugs and Cook Inlet dock,” according to Theriault. His most recent achievements include the creation of an improved man overboard retrieval ladder on the sides of the tugs and hex screws on tires. Meanwhile, Capt. Eric Nyce assisted in the planning, installation and testing of the man overboard recovery winch that is mobile and portable to any side of a tug.

About Cook Inlet Tug & Barge

Cook Inlet Tug & Barge is a marine transportation company specializing in harbor services in the Port of Anchorage, Cook Inlet and Seward as well as near coastal towing across western and Arctic Alaska.

By Rich Miller