Coast Guard updates Cyber Strategic Outlook for maritime systems

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(WASHINGTON) — The U.S. Coast Guard has released an updated Cyber Strategic Outlook to address the rising threat of cyberattacks against critical maritime systems essential to the nation’s economy and security.

The Coast Guard’s 2021 Cyber Strategic Outlook charts a path to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving cyberdomain where threats to information and operational technology systems outpace those from the traditional physical domains of air, sea, land and space. Cyberattacks against the United States are one of the most significant threats to economic and military power since World War II. The events of the past five years, including the exploitation of Coast Guard networks and information, the attacks on maritime critical infrastructure, and adversarial efforts to undermine democratic processes reinforce that cyberspace is a contested domain.

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“The Coast Guard is taking important and necessary steps to increase safety and security where physical and cyberthreats converge,” said Adm. Karl Schultz, commandant of the Coast Guard. “We maintain strong relationships with our U.S. port partners; we hold leadership roles on area maritime security and harbor safety committees; and we have the technological expertise to integrate cyberawareness and resilience within the Marine Transportation System.”

The 2021 Cyber Strategic Outlook is organized into three lines of effort that ensure the Coast Guard: (1) is mission ready in cyberspace, (2) protects the Marine Transportation System in cyberspace, and (3) identifies and combats adversaries throughout cyberspace.

These efforts will be underpinned by the development and sustainment of a skilled workforce, intelligence-driven operations, and domestic and international partnerships to achieve unity of effort. Together, these ensure the nation’s continued security and economic stability.

Working with partners in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, other government agencies, foreign allies, and the maritime industry, the Coast Guard will defend our networks, protect the Marine Transportation System from threats delivered in and through cyberspace, and work to ensure those who would do our nation harm are held accountable.

The 2021 Cyber Strategic Outlook reaffirms the foundation that established cyberspace as an operational domain for the Coast Guard and brings the same ethos, proven doctrine and operational concepts, and over 230 years of experience to bear as the service expands its operations in and through cyberspace. Click here to access the full Cyber Strategic Outlook.

– U.S. Coast Guard

By Professional Mariner Staff