Coast Guard nears end of certification for new NYC ferries


From the U.S. Coast Guard:

(NEW ORLEANS) — Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Morgan City has certified one of the final two high-speed passenger ferries recently constructed at shipyards in southcentral Louisiana and bound for New York City.

MSU Morgan City has been involved in certifying 22 ferries built by the Metal Shark and Gulf Craft shipyards in Franklin, La., over the past three years. Each ferry is expected to transport more than 100,000 passengers per year.

The vessels are certified for transit to New York for the NYC Ferry fleet. Once there, final Coast Guard certification will be completed for passenger operations.

The latest vessel, Tooth Ferry, was issued a Coast Guard certificate of inspection and set sail for New York Harbor. The final vessel, Time Traveler, is scheduled to complete construction and certification this fall.

“Our local vessel inspectors, along with our technical plan reviewers at the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center in Washington, D.C., have worked to ensure that operators and passengers can rely on these vessels being certified to high safety standards,” said Lt. Cmdr. Zach Robertson, prevention department head, MSU Morgan City. “The women and men of Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Morgan City are highly qualified professionals who continue to work with local industry and port partners every day to ensure the safe and commercially vibrant use of the marine transportation system.”

MSU Morgan City comprises a staff of approximately 70 Coast Guard women and men. Marine inspectors from the unit regularly conduct new construction oversight on commercial vessels between Freshwater City and Gibson, La., and ensure they are built to stringent safety standards as well as maintain safety standards required by federal regulations.

By Professional Mariner Staff