Coast Guard, IMO approve new BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system

(LUNEL, France) — BIO-UV Group, the French leader in UV-based water treatment technology, has received International Maritime Organization (IMO) and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) type approval for its next-generation low-flow rate ballast water treatment system range.

The BIO-SEA L Easy-to-Fit system had to undergo new type approval testing as it incorporates a completely new UV-reactor, designed specifically to meet market demand from the luxury yacht, expedition cruise and offshore vessel segments, where ballast water pump flow rate capacities are often under 100 cubic meters per hour (m3/h).

Some ballast water treatment plants marketed as a low-flow rate system are in fact the same systems designed for larger capacities but simply treat lower volumes using the same, high-power consuming, higher wattage lamps.

BIO-SEA L, however, is not derivative of the company’s existing BIO-SEA B product and is based on a completely new 6-kW UV lamp arrangement, sized to guarantee full compliance while treating flow rates of between 20 m3/h and 90 m3/h (USCG mode) and up to 120 m3/h in IMO mode.

A key change is the UV lamp and casing materials used in the new system. One 6-kW lamp can treat ballast water flows of up to 30 m3. A further one or two lamps can be added to the BWTS skid for flow rates of 60 m3 and 90 m3, respectively.

Based on the experience gained from BIO-SEA B range (50 to 2,000 m3/h) which received USCG type approval in 2017, the France-headquartered system designer and manufacturer says the development provides ship operators with more competitive ballast water treatment with low CAPEX and low OPEX.

With a footprint starting at 1.36 square meters, the BIO-SEA L skid is compact and can also be split into two parts, simplifying onboard delivery, installation and integration, and making it suitable for retrofit projects.

With quick response times and flexibility, BIO-UV Group can deliver its modular BIO-SEA system in eight weeks – a highly competitive lead time.

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By Professional Mariner Staff