Coast Guard announces Marine Safety Performance Plan

The following is the text of a statement issued by U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. James Watson:
I am pleased to announce the release of the Marine Safety Performance Plan (MSPP) that was recently signed by Rear Admiral Brian Salerno, the Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security and Stewardship. As one of several other plans currently being developed and covering each of the Coast Guard’s statutory missions, the MSPP illustrates the broad range of services the Coast Guard Marine Safety program provides the American public. These services directly support our national interests of ensuring a safe and efficient Marine Transportation System, protecting the environment and natural resources, and preventing disruptions to commerce. The MSPP establishes what the Marine Safety program intends to achieve in the next five years.

We actively solicited input to the MSPP, and we received many valuable comments since its initial release on May 22, 2008. To view a general category of comments received including what sections of the MSPP they address, see Marine Safety Performance Plan comments. Changes to the MSPP represent our response to these comments. Some comments and recommendations that are not reflected may be used in future Marine Safety policies and actions. The MSPP is a living document and will be updated annually and posted on the Coast Guard web. Regardless of final action on recommendations, we sincerely appreciate receiving your thoughts and recommendations.

In addition, as mentioned in the MSPP, we are now in the initial stages of a thorough, independent evaluation of the Marine Safety mission that will also include the Marine Environmental Protection (MEP) mission. The evaluation will continue through March 2009.

We will continue to accept comments to the MSPP at the following e-mail address: As before, we will assess these comments and use them to improve next year’s plan. Also, if you desire to participate in the Marine Safety independent evaluation, please let us know at this same e-mail address. Please note, in the spirit of any independent evaluation, we can only ensure that your willingness to participate gets forwarded to the contractor.

Again, I value the input of our partners and stakeholders and encourage your thorough review of this Marine Safety Performance Plan.

James Watson
Rear Admiral, U. S. Coast Guard

To view the entire Marine Safety Performance Plan, click here.
By Professional Mariner Staff