CMAL equips third hybrid ferry with Voith Schneider propellers

MV Hallaig from CMAL is already equipped with Voith Schneider Propellers.

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL), a corporation owned by the Scottish government, continues to rely on Voith propulsion systems for its new hybrid ferry. The reason for that are the satisfactory results already seen on two other ferries equipped with Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP). Like their sister vessels MV Hallaig and MV Lochinvar, the new ferry will be built by Ferguson Shipbuilders in Glasgow. For its new hybrid vessel, the Scottish owner CMAL relies on two VSP 16R5 EC/90-1 as well as two bow-tooth couplings and the Voith electronic control system.

Using the same electronic control system that is already installed on board of the MV Hallaig, the new ferry can be maneuvered effortlessly and operates efficiently. The control system consists of a modular hardware and software architecture and offers many control features and standardized interfaces, making it possible to actuate the two 375kW VSPs swiftly and with the utmost precision.

As is the case with the other two ferries in CMAL’s hybrid fleet, the new ferry combines a diesel-electric propulsion system with lithium ion batteries. To reduce the load on the diesel engine, the ferry’s two lithium batteries are charged overnight via a land cable. On the sister vessels, CMAL has already achieved savings of 38%.

The ferry will operate in Scottish waters characterized by strong currents. Thanks to the VSPs, the ferry can be maneuvered safely and comfortably, even under these adverse operating conditions. Many Scottish landings consist of concrete ramps where the vessels dock without being firmly moored. Accurate control and positioning as well as maximum maneuverability are imperative to guarantee safe operations when docking in rough seas. To ensure that the two VSPs are protected when docking, they are arranged diagonally in recesses and not in a central positon at the bow and in the stern as is normally the case.

The vessel is expected to enter into service in spring 2016. It measures 43.5 meters in length and 12.2 meters in breadth and is capable of accommodating approximately 150 passengers and 23 cars. The service speed of the hybrid ferry is nine knots.

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By Professional Mariner Staff